The objective of the service:

To help people to discover, nurture and utilize their talents so that they can be effective in their lives.

The most successful people over a period of time are those who have discovered their talents and they’re using them on a daily basis.

This consulting service is designed to help you achieve effectiveness in your life through the use of your talents.

Discover the greatness in you today.

The benefits of the service:

For learners:

  • Talent discovery
  • Self-awareness
  • Informed educational choices
  • Talent-Passion-Career Alignment
  • Maximising on your strengths to excel in life and at school
  • Focused life approach
  • Goal setting
  • Focusing on what you’re naturally good at.

For Adults, Public and Private staff:

  • Talent discovery
  • Talent nurturing
  • Using your talent to be effective:
    • In life
    • At work
    • In business
    • Etc.

The service consists of 4 Phases:

Phase 1: What Is My Talent workshop

In this session we bring clarity on what is a talent, who has a talent, why it must be discovered, what are the benefits of knowing and using your talent, talent vs. skill, passion and strength, etc.

Phase 2: Personnel profiling

In this session, we gather information about each client. The information reflects the personality, strengths, talents, weaknesses, interests, priorities etc. of the client.

This session is executed via online channels (website, email, WhatsApp, skype, phone calls etc.) click on the link below to access and complete the form

Enquiry form

Phase 3: Reporting and recommendations

The information gathered in phase 1 and 2 is used to compile a report for each client. This report highlights the client’s personality, interests, natural abilities, weaknesses among other things. The report has recommendations on what need to be done in order for the client to achieve maximum results in his/her personal life, school, work, business etc.

The report is discussed and signed by the client and the Inpassion consultant, with timelines for implementing each recommendation.

Phase 4: Follow up

This session is designed to track the progress of implemented recommendations. Challenges in implementing the recommendations are identified and addressed. Do yourself a favour and discover your greatness. Contact us today to start the talent discovery process. Fill in the form under Contact Us or email  or call +27 83 368 6338

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