What Is My Talent Quotes

Talents, Gifts, Natural Abilities, Natural skill etc. whatever name you call it, this refers to that one or more things that you’re natural good at it.

“We’re all born with a natural ability to do something better than others. Some have found their natural abilities and some have not found theirs, regardless of either or, you have a talent.”

“People are most fulfilled in their careers when they find an environment that allows them to work primarily from their talents and gifts.”

“Talents comes in different sizes and packages, while other are gifted with the ability to sing, run, dance etc. others are gifted with the ability to solve difficult problems, lead effectively, communicate effectively, selling etc. Others are gifted with the ability to provide a great support system for other people, you will hardly see them but their gift is very effective’.

“You’re talented and gifted for the benefit of others.”

“Your talent is linked to your purpose for existing. When you know why you were born, you will also know what gifts and talents you have been giving to help you excel on what you were created for.”

“The fact is, you can learn any skill; however it will take a tremendous amount of effort to do something well for which you are not naturally suited for. You will achieve less results and far less satisfaction doing work that doesn’t align with your natural talents, gifts, and abilities. “

“People who are not maximizing on their talents are frustrated, less happy, not performing adequately; minimal recognition and this directly impact the productivity of the organization you work for.”

“Knowing your what you good at, gives you advantage.”

“You can use your talent to make profit or a living.” “Deploying your talents to the world will make you a great person”

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